Joel Martins Vieira

JOEL MARTINS is a Certified Real Estate Agent who works in partnership with business leaders at New World 2000 Realty Inc., a leading brokerage in Ontario with 35+ years’ experience that has sold over $1 billion worth of real estate.

Joel is an expert at evaluating the market, marketing your house, and advising you what you need to know about a particular area. Whether you are buying or selling, he can help you get top dollar for your home or negotiate the best possible price if you are buying. Joel is an expert negotiator and analyst.

Joel specializes in all real estate needs, whether these are Residential or Commercial real estate. His mission is helping clients finding their dream property and ensuring clients receive top quality service and amazing results. He is passionate about Real Estate, and about providing a top-standard service to all clients.

His passion and expertise for Real Estate is complimented and supported by a successful career in Finance, where he worked on some of the most prestigious brands in the world, ensuring organizations were always financially and operationally strong!

Joel is certain that what truly drives referrals and repeat clients is not solely staying current and mastering Real Estate market data & insights; rather, it is how well one connects with clients, how one understands their unique challenges, and how one successfully provides them with exclusive and supported VIP treatment that allow them to make informed and assertive decisions in real estate investments.
Joel takes pride in volunteering and giving his time to various associations in the GTA that provide educational programs, services, and recreational opportunities to diverse communities, including seniors, children, youth and adults.

Joel holds a Masters’ Degree in Economics with a specialization in Finance and is a Certified Realtor.

Joel is fluent in English and Portuguese and Spanish and is currently improving his French skills. Joel lives in Toronto and is an avid sports fan and cooking enthusiast.

If you are seeking a Real Estate Agent that looks after your interests as if they were his own, call me!